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AI and Smartwatch based

medication management solution

Currently, there is no monitoring method for the medication adherence in clinical trials, which decreases the adherence of participants. Our solution can be used by participants in clinical trials and generate real-world evidence/data including medication history data, symptoms, and adverse events from the participants in order to increase adherence.

InHandPlus Solution

The World’s 1st AI Algorithm to analyze the various medication behaviors.

In addition to pills, all objects in your hand can be analyzed with AI algorithms, so the solution can be extended and applied to various fields.



InHandPlus Solution

Ambient AI Solution

By just wearing a smartwatch, our AI solution automatically analyzes everything in the hand and various medication behaviors. No user compliance is needed to use our solution.

InHandPlus Solution

Digital Healthcare Platform

This is a brand new solution. Digital healthcare platform composed of our proprietary smartwatch, app, and web provides data-driven healthcare insight and real-time communication tools, improving patients’ engagement.


Medication Alarm and Message

Easily reminding the medication time and checking the messages from doctors.

Adverse Event and Symptoms

By simply touching the display, users are able to immediately record adverse events, symptoms or NRS.

Step Count, Heart Rate, and Fall-down Detection

Various high-tech sensors monitor not only steps and heart rate, but also urgent situations such as fall-down.

InHandPlus Solution

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